By: Anne Kaiser

Engaging with the world around us brings pleasure and inspiration throughout life. Whether through work, hobbies, or creative endeavors, finding meaningful avenues for discovery and self-expression provide lifelong sources of joy. 

Former television broadcasting meteorologist Vince Condella has found creative ways to channel his passion for learning and engaging with the world through his pursuit of photography in his retirement. He has found continued connections between his interests, forging a continuity in his own professional and creative endeavors. Of his career as a meteorologist and his recent work as a photographer, Condella remarked, “Both require technical knowledge and both require seeing things deeper than just the surface. I was trained to view the atmosphere as a three-dimensional flowing system. I am training myself as a photographer to view things deeper as well.”

Condella’s interest in photography as a creative medium began in high school, where he was editor of the school newspaper and a member of the yearbook staff. In these roles, he took photos of high school news and sports events with the free black and white film provided him. Condella recalls, “I bought a Minolta SLR camera and photographed events at the school. It was a blast!”

As Condella entered his retirement, he began to explore photographing nature and clouds. At this time in his life, he “was drawn to landscapes and bold colors,” Condella said. “I am training my eyes to see shapes, patterns, and stories in every photograph I take. There is more thought going into each image compared to my earlier days.”

Condella is a self-taught photographer who captures stunning images of nature, viewable online in his portfolio at He has drawn inspiration from a variety of online photography resources, particularly Matt Kloskowski (, Nicole S. Young (, and the Bryan Peterson School of Photography ( 

Currently, Condella uses a Sony a7r3 mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor to capture his beautiful images. He appreciates the camera’s light weight, noting that “the heaviest components are the lenses that get attached to the camera body.” He uses a variety of lenses that cover everything from wide-angle views (16-35 mm zoom lens) to telephoto views (100-400 mm lens).

Many of Condella’s photographic images capture the breathtaking beauty of the natural world, as well as the striking interplay of light and shadow on objects in nature. “I used to be drawn to landscapes and broad vistas, but I have expanded my interest over the years to anything and everything, from close-up macrophotography to abstract transcendent images and haiku photography,” Condella explained. “Typically, exterior and nature images draw my interest, but anything that looks interesting, inside or out, is fair game,” he added.

Cover Photo for the April 2023 Issue

In addition to viewing Condella’s extensive portfolio of photography online, individuals may often see samples of his images on display at the Cedarburg Cultural Center, with works of artists from the Cedarburg Artists Guild. Condella has received honors for his high-quality photography and unique and sensitive artistic vision. These include first place awards and honorable mentions in photography contests such as those from the Wisconsin Area Camera Club Organizations (WACCO), the Cedarburg Artists Guild, the Arizona Camera Club Council, and the Photographic Society of America. 

For those interested in launching an exploration of photography as a creative and expressive medium, Condella recommends, “Use the most convenient camera at your disposal, the mobile phone camera. The cameras that now exist in our mobile phones are outstanding. Just start taking images of whatever interests you, and then find photography education online or in books. There are a lot of good resources available. Always remember: there are no wrong answers. Your creativity and imagination are endless!”

Condella carries a spirit of discovery with him as he moves into the future, viewing the beauty of the ever-changing world through the photographic eye of his camera lens. “I want to always learn more, to expand my repertoire. My goal is to have more meaningful photographs, imagery that expresses more than just the mere subject matter.”

Condella reflects upon the vital role of photography in his life, offering a thread of engagement with the world around him throughout his retirement years. “I have been fortunate to enjoy several hobbies in retirement. I always want to keep an interest
in the world around me and remain engaged
in life. Photography has certainly allowed
me to do that.”