Proven Effective

Exclusively Yours originated in 1947 as a new and different concept among publications. The magazine’s six-plus decades of successful operation establish it as a thoroughly proven advertising medium, and it’s the only magazine that reaches exclusively (literally isolates) the highest income market in Metro Milwaukee plus other important areas of affluence in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Hand-Picked Audience

It offers an advertiser a highly refined circulation compiled over the years by driving through the most affluent sections of each community and individually selecting the residents of only the finest homes and condominiums to be its readers.

Editorial Excellence

Exclusively Yours takes pride in presenting positive, informative, and timely editorial content geared toward the interests and lifestyles of Southeastern Wisconsin’s affluent homeowners. In each issue readers are likely to find entertaining features on a variety of subjects including: the cultural arts, fine dining, travel, fashion, luxury real estate, selective social and charity events, interior design, landscaping, education, health, and many other topics

Influencing Decisions

Exclusively Yours is a place reserved for those advertisers who take particular pride in their high standards of excellence and want to join with others of like merit to present their messages to this exceptional market of decision-makers, at home, at their leisure. Exclusively Yours is all its name implies.

Extending the Reach

In addition to our premium-quality print edition, Exclusively Yours offers advertisers an opportunity to extend the reach of their messages by participating online at Exclusively Yours has earned a trusted reputation for presenting only the finest quality offerings to those few whose taste and income require the same. Advertising in the magazine and online at is the surest way to deliver your message of distinction to this highly-sought aftermarket.