A Gathering Place For Family & Friends

When it comes to fire pits there are some things that should be kept in mind. You want to make sure there is enough room to accommodate chairs for seating and room to move back when the fire gets too hot. We recommend going 18′ x 18′ which includes the fire pit and ample seating area. To ensure this is a feature that will last you need to have a good base.

To prevent weeds from popping up there should be at least a 4 inch layer of traffic bond (TB) to start. The TB should be compacted prior to laying bricks, loose gravel, or carved stone (from a quarry). If you are using brick or carved stone a 1 inch layer of sand is needed for leveling purposes. The rock that comes from quarries has varied thicknesses and the sand will aid with leveling. In addition, make sure the gaps between the bricks/stone are no more than 2 inches to prevent chairs from getting caught in the gaps. Once the bricks or carved stone are laid a layer of silicon sand should be applied in between the bricks or stone. Silicon sand will become hard and help keep a barrier to prevent weeds and to prevent movement with the brick or stone.

If loose rock is used, after the TB has been compacted, lay approximately 2 inches of the loose gravel. After the rock is placed, compact the rocks to help with settling.  

Last step is to put a border around the firepit area to retain stone and add accent to the area. If you choose you can extend one side by approximately 2 feet to have a spot for a table or coolers.

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