In October 2022, Hamid Dehbod, founder and owner of the North Shore’s Persian Rug Gallery and Wauwatosa’s Oriental Rug Gallery at 11005 West Bluemound Road, opened the newest location of his popular family business, Persian Rug Gallery. Now located at 309 West Silver Spring Drive in Whitefish Bay, this 5,000 square foot, full service gallery features its own parking lot behind the building and an ideal show room, with high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ample space filled with multiple sizes, shapes, colors and styles of beautiful rugs to view.

Hamid and his family immigrated to the United States from Iran in mid-1999, and six months later, in January 2000, opened the Persian Rug Gallery at its original Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin location. Hamid’s friendly and welcoming demeanor compliment his natural business sense, and these qualities are evident in the success of his business.

“Being an immigrant in the U.S., we are a true example of the land of opportunity,” Hamid said in a recent interview at the new show room of the Persian Rug Gallery. “I built this [business] from ground zero with the support of Wisconsinites. They have always been supportive of us, helping us in the rough times. We have a lot of customers who are very loyal. This loyalty is what we really take to heart,” he said.

Hamid is pleased with the Persian Rug Gallery’s new space, citing multiple design features in the building that will allow his customers to more easily view and select rugs for purchase. “We purposely [chose] this building in the North Shore with large windows, large open space so clients would view rugs on the ground more easily, to make the decision simpler,” Hamid
remarked. He further noted the benefits of the ample natural light for viewing his large selection of finely crafted rugs.

An exquisite collection of beautiful, immaculately handcrafted rugs fills the Persian Rug Gallery’s new space. Rugs are carefully stacked by size for easy display and viewing by customers. Others, such as a runner with vibrant blue, magenta and teal mandala-type designs, hang from the walls of the gallery show room. From pastel tones and muted hues in abstract designs to deeper terra cotta, ochre, white and navy in traditional geometric designs, Hamid’s inventory of this unique and practical home art contains rugs to suit each customer’s preferences.

Hamid carefully selected the new space for his business with consideration for his clients and their home decorating needs in mind. He skillfully matched his wide array of magnificent rugs and multiple related rug services, including rug cleaning, repair, consignment, and trade to a community where these rugs and services would be in demand. Hamid mentioned the importance of rugs in the Wisconsin climate, where four or five months of the year are cold enough to merit the warming benefits of rugs that are both beautiful works of art and practical enhancers of comfort in the home living space.

“We always liked the North Shore and West Side,” Hamid said of the locations of his two businesses. He described the
presence of the larger, older homes on the North Shore, and the newer, remodeled homes in the West Side subdivisions as being ideal candidates for housing his rugs, which include varied shapes and range in size from approximately two by three feet to nine by twelve feet. Of his two show room spaces, Hamid commented, “We had to open these locations to accommodate
these needs for these beautiful works of art on the floor.”

Hamid Dehbod and his family are eager to be of service to potential clients, and welcome customers to visit them at either
of their rug show room locations. Let them warm up your home with one of their rugs this holiday season.