Tony Wendorf of Tony Wendorf & Associates, First Weber Realtors, shares his insights on cultivating two dynamic careers and the passions that fuel his guiding principles and success as a realtor.

What drew you to begin work as a realtor?

By training I am a doctor and have been actively practicing since 2010. Although I enjoy that work, my true passion is the chase. After Bible study one night, a mentor of mine who is very successful in this industry suggested I “give it a try.” Well, the rest is history!

How does your work as a psychologist support, inspire, and inform your work as a realtor?

It allows me to help manage my clients’ emotions. This is more than just a sale. It is an emotional process for everyone involved. Tension can run high, and as a realtor, our job is to keep everyone calm and manage emotions. I can’t think of a better secondary field to be able to successfully navigate that, than being a psychologist.

What do you feel are your greatest accomplishments as a realtor thus far?

Without question, building a team and helping those teammates blow past industry norms and standards. The level of success that most all of my teammates have experienced are things that most agents fight their whole career for—and [my team] did it in [our] first full year in the business. I love being able teach by example and help those agents reach new levels they never dreamed imaginable for their families.

How would you describe your favorite aspects of your current work?

I love the chase. The closing table is a celebration for my clients, not me. [My] celebration happens when I can articulate my value to my clients and show them why I am their best option. I love not cutting corners and exceeding my clients’ expectations time and time again.

Is there anything that you find challenging in your current work, and if so, how do you meet and overcome those challenges?

It’s always a struggle seeing some clients use agents who do cut corners. Being in the industry, you know when agents do a great job and when they cut corners. It’s hard to watch those sellers leave money on the table that
I know they could have made.

What are your favorite pastimes or interests outside of your work with realty?

Well, it’s hard to ever be truly away from real estate, as I am constantly answering questions about the market. I love golfing, but even on the course I have met so many friends and have been blessed to help so many people. There is nothing that feeds my soul more than being present with Christ in church and being with my family. Those… are my top two priorities, and when I am grounded in them both, I win, and my clients win.

How do you work to build the trust at the foundation of solid relationships with those who are buying or selling a home?

Again, this comes back to our guiding principles of our brand. We lead in our industry through the power of Jesus Christ. That type of strength is the only way to build a foundation and solid relationships. Once people know what we stand for, it’s easy to help them win—even in the difficult market.

What are your goals for the future?

We want to continue to grow our brand [and] market share, and eventually be considered pillars in our industry through leading with a mindset of abundance. There is enough to go around for everyone, so we want to cheer everyone on every chance we get. We really are one big team, regardless of the brokerage that we are working with.

What advice or recommendations would you give people trying to sell or buy a home?

Do your homework. Ask a lot of questions. Interview multiple agents. You get what you pay for. If you are working for someone who is “the cheapest,” you are going to get cheap work and ultimately leave money on the table. Find someone who has experience and knows how to win in a tough market. Ask a lot of questions and find someone you connect with.

Please share any additional insights you would like readers to know about you.

I don’t care what price point your home is priced at—I give the same full service to everyone. I run my business with the guiding principles of Christ and want to serve you and help you win! My faith is what guides how I serve and interact with others.

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